My Team

One thing that I have tried religiously to do is keep most of my work-related stuff out of my blog. It’s been slightly tough since I spend an average of 130 hours a week in the office (out of a total possible of 168). There are a few things that have crept in of course: fun with clients for example, when I had a slightly rough time at office, and of course, the subtle and the not so subtle mentions… However, I maintain, that keeping the office mentions out of the personal blog makes a whole lot more sense than incorporating them. But like most things out there, not always.

I like my team. They’re an extremely hard-working and patient bunch of highly talented people. And guess what they did for my birthday? They gifted me a watch and a perfume+deo. The watch is very cool and the deo smells nice. What’s kicking me is that they pooled in and gave me something to remember them by for a long long time… and they did it with no precedent of this happening in the office. It was their love/respect for me that prompted them to do thus… and I’m very happy to learn that my team feels this way about me.

Thank you Vinish, Satvir, Parveen, Amit (T-Man), Munish, Shashank (Lineman), Ravi (Pacman) & Navreet (Header Woman).

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