Best Use of Extranet (Basecamp)

We use Basecamp to manage work and interact with our clients. We call it our Extranet. My boss has started a little competition (I guess you can call it that) where he will rate its effective use by all the Project Managers and award the one to use it best with a box of Ferrero Rocher. This month (July’s) win was tied between me and Guneet. In other words, I don’t get the chocolates. 😛

A lot has been written about Basecamp and about a thousand times as much as been written about Project Management. Though people call me an organised person, I manage my work and my team essentially by gut-instinct on how things/processes make sense. However, proper techniques do exist and surely, their use will only improve the efficiency of the work involved. The problem is getting to understand them and applying them to my specific sphere of work. The need is for some formal management training to serve as a bootcamp. The real learning is out here in the fields anyway, but at least I’ll know the lingo. 😉

If you know of any sites that list tips & tricks on project management, especially in reference to Basecamp, let me know.

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