Fun With Clients

I’ve not worked with him much but boy, does this guy have a sense of humour! I’ve wanted to work with him for a long time but opportunity has never presented itself. We chat once in a while. This conversation happened a couple of days back.

Client: dude… where is (name omitted)? im gonna kill him
Me: I think he presented himself for the slaughter already?
Client: he had to :)
Me: hehehe… can’t imagine anything worse happening to him.
Client: lol
Me: how’s family? and work?
Client: good and good. you?
Me: good and good too. Finally, we have something in common!
Client: ha!
Me: oh, only if you were a girl and unmarried and I was slightly better looking with a tad more money… that would be a great opening.
Client: lol. you mean a lot better looking? LOL And tons more money! 😀
Me: hahahaha… we’ve had this conversation before. 😉
Client: LOL. You’re pretty for a guy. Maybe only a wig and a HUGE amount of money? :)
Me: Yeah, I would need all that money to keep drinking to think you’re beautiful too.
Client: ha. I hear you there! Noboday said marriage was a piece of cake.
Me: Those who did, never ate it.
Client: LOL

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