Rule #7

I so much identify with these unspoken rules of graphic design I caught at AdLand

From among these all, the one that really stands out for the message is #7.

#7. Speed. Quality. Affordability. Pick any two.

As part of the list, it is probably getting understated but this is actually a very profound rule. If you are even remotely connected to any production environment, this rule applies to you in some manner:

  • If you are getting anything produced, your expectations should be based on this rule.
  • If you are producing for a client, you are working with these limitations.

Yet, as clients, we want all three, and as production people, we never point out this rule to any of our clients; mainly because nobody would like to acknowledge it as being true and will hate you for even suggesting such a thing.

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  1. Colin Says:

    This isn’t limited to graphic design, btw. Every kind of development has the same rule :-)

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