So I haven’t…

blogged in ages. Thanks for asking. I thought only 2-3 people read it but I guess I’m wrong. Perhaps the logs will tell but I don’t really want to know either. The question “How many?” is best left unanswered. Either way, it was a very different and pleasant feeling when somebody asked me, with a concern that I presumed was carefully screened out for me by most, for the slowdown if not a complete stop of blogging activities. So to answer: I’m here. I will blog. This post is a testament to that.

On another note, I find it awkwardly amusing that despite feeling mostly good past few busy days, going through perhaps one of my most shocking episodes in a long long time (nothing personal but in a passive way very much so), and receiving praises for work from almost all the clients that I have interacted with, I didn’t blog and here I am, at the end of the week, sitting in the office feeling all surly and misanthropic, writing a post that I know I will regret for all times for writing and yet haughtily bent upon writing useless, meaningless and incomprehensible sentences full of verbose inaneness and posting it for all those interested to read and silently affirm to themselves that I am indeed a crazy one.

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