And The Ride Down Begins…

Well, two months of a perpetual high at office finally comes to and end today. I’d been receiving positive feedback a bit too continuously and in large enough volumes to make me notice it and wonder what was up. I dreaded the ride down since I hate being target of a pointed finger. Wait! Let me say that again: I HATE being the target of a pointed finger. I have been known to go to great lengths trying to avoid it.

Today is the day that the ride down officially began. One, Two and then Three clients voiced displeasure and I know at least one more is on the way. And one of them had to pour the good ‘ol sarcasm on top too. Oh the joys… *sigh*

I know I have to face it, since it’s part of the game, but I don’t have to not hate it.

Update: Here it is… the fourth one. hehehe … maybe I should become a soothsayer. 😉

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