Blade: Trinity (Movie Review)

It has been some time since I’ve written a review of a movie that I’ve seen. I saw Blade: Trinity yesterday and well, this movie is good as any to start.

Blade: TrinityMovie: Blade: Trinity
Rating: 2.50/10

Cast: Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel, Dominic Purcell & Ryan Reynolds
Direction: David S. Goyer
Certification: Mature
Genre: Action/Horror/Thriller/Fantasy

This is one of those movies that I regret wasting time over. One of those that shouldn’t have been made, simply for the fact there is nothing to be shown. There is no plot/story to the entire movie unless you want to call the flimsy excuse to make the movie a plot. At the end of the movie, I was left wondering, “So, what’s up doc?”

Blade (Wesley Snipes) is back at hunting down vampires but now he’s wanted by FBI. Set-up and cornered, his best friends (if he had any) dead, he realises he will have to fight the first vampire, Dracula himself, who has been brought back by an unknown but rich clan of vampires for some techno-geek reason. Okay, so he does. That’s about it.

The acting is forced at best. Most people in the movie were probably clueless about what they were doing, perhaps even not even identifying with their characters. The new fad of having professional wrestling stars mean the fighting moves from the regular style to somewhat ring-style—and that’s too obvious and forced as well. The scenes lack intensity like movies of 1930s lacked colour. In some rare instances, the cinematography works but you can only do so much when the screenplay is stupid at best and dialogues cliche and full of useless mature language that does not suit the movie, the scenes or the characters that mouth them. There were a few one-liners but they belong to Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) and thankfully he nails them for some relief. I’m not sure the others got more than 50 decent words each in the entire movie. Let’s just not talk about continuity. :) Blade movies are not known for their continuity. The visual effects were pleasing at times but mostly stuffed just for the hell of it. Understandably, the movie has absolutely no replay value. Zilch.

I think the only saving grace for the entire movie is the music. Despite having the stupidity of choosing a rather famous track from the sountrack of Matrix (especially when you have a small twist in the story that is reminiscent of the Matrix Concept), the soundtrack manages to set some tone. People will notice the product placements as being too obvious though and that, combined with the quality of the movie, doesn’t look good at all.

So should you watch the movie? If you’ve seen Blade and Blade II, I would recommend you staying away if you want to retain your respect for those two excellent movies. Those are proper movies with excellent content and direction. This one is almost a rookie continuation and will disappoint any Blade fan.

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