Monkey Business

I had an amazing experience a few minutes ago. I walk out of the office to go downstairs and what do I see? Three monkeys just outside the glass in the lobby sleeping in a hugging position. I rushed back in, got my phone and shot a small video and 4 pics. You have to see the video to appreciate the affinity and the pics to understand the marvellousness of the view.

From right to left, we probably have the papa monkey hugging the mama monkey who in turn is hugging the baby monkey. How cute … and amazing!

Here’s the video:

And the pics:

3 monkeys hugging. Picture 1

3 monkeys hugging. Picture 2

3 monkeys hugging. Picture 3

3 monkeys hugging. Picture 4

Update: Corrected the links to work properly.

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  1. Urvashi Singh Says:

    soooooooooooooooo sweet n cute
    there is a pic i wanted to share on this website but dontknow how to :'(

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