ESA to back Chandrayaan!

I just read that ESA is going to back Indian moon mission titled Chandrayaan. This is good news!

India is perhaps the only country to have not used its satellite technology and launch ability for massively military purposes. Most of our satellites are remote sensing polar orbiters with a few primarily communication geo-stationery ones. It shows in the fact that we’re selling the most volume of up-to-date and relevant satellite data in the world.

ESA is a long-time customer of ISRO and I would assume, because of our relationship with the French for launching so many of our satellites, would have been perhaps the first to be contacted for collaboration (We apparently had eyes on their SMART-1 technology anyway). The chance to participate in a lunar orbiter mission would make any country drool at this point; as noted in the Register story and ESA’s press release, the race is hotting up with China, Japan and USA making aggressive and bold plans for moon-related missions. With our plans to be there in 2006/2007, we’re going to be there much ahead of others. Far as I know, this will be the first satellite ever in lunar orbit as well. So that’s going to be a big feather in our cap. :)

Anyhow, I’m very happy to read that Chandrayaan-1 is being aggressively pursued and with the ESA backing and know-how can only mean a better-organised mission for us. In these matters, 2006/2007 launch date is like saying “We’re doing this tomorrow afternoon or maybe at nightfall”. I’m very excited and will be keeping an eye on the progress.

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