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So I finally got some time on my hands and spent the last 30 minutes in backing up the database, the old files and upgrading the blogging software to WordPress 1.5 from 1.2.2. For the uninitiated, no, I did not re-design the blog—the default look of WordPress has changed. Be assued however that I will get to the re-design sometime in this lifetime. Meanwhile, enjoy the at-times-confusing-at-times-inane content displayed to you in ever more visual goodness.

The best part I liked about the upgrade was its ease. I ain’t a rocket scientist and I could do it. I’m told this release will help with the comment and trackback spam. Look I’m dancing: \\o … o// … \o/ (that’s ASCII dance and it’s perfectly legit expression of the only dance move I’ve perfected through rigourous training over the last decade).

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