Another Step Forward

Today, I took another step in my linux education. For the first time, I compiled and installed a software directly instead of finding RPMs.

eMail takes up the largest time-slice in work. I have settled down to Sylpheed-Claws to be my mailer. When I was in Windows, I was using the Win32 port. The developers had just released an update and I was itching to get my hands on it. So today, I decided I would install it myself by hook or by crook. Got a lot of help from claws on #sylpheed and had to uninstall a few older components to compile and install GNU Aspell and the latest version of Sylpheed Claws. Ironically, I couldn’t get them to work together and there is currently no spell-checking on my email. I’ll look into it later when I have some more time.

It’s an awesome feeling. :)

UPDATE: August 30 (3:20am)
I got Sylpheed-Claws and Aspell to compile together. However, when I tried using the launcher, it wouldn’t start. I noticed that it launched from the CLI. Hoa on #sylpheed helped me reload the /etc/ and suddenly it worked like a charm! I also put up the long-pending signature in the relevant location to auto-insert signatures in my official mails.

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