Feed Aggregation on Linux

When I shifted to Linux, I was using FeedDemon on Windows which unfortunately did not run on wine’s default installation. I looked around and came across Straw which sounded and looked almost like a Linux-avatar of FeedDemon. Unfortunately, no rpm of Straw existed and I managed to track down the SRC on Dag’s Apt/Yum RPM Repository and fulfilled a few dependencies. It still needed GTK2 >= 2.4 and libglade2 >= 2.3. Bummer.

Decided to go ahead with liferea after taking a look at Syndigator. Fortunately for me, FeedDemon kept it’s group info in OPML files and liferea easily imported these. So now I have all my feeds back! Catching up will be a slow process though, work first. For the first impression, I like liferea’s interface and usability. I’ll know better when I use it more though.

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2 Responses to “Feed Aggregation on Linux”

  1. Karanbir Singh Says:

    Wonder if you ever managed to figure out the issue with the links in posts.

    I am staying with the feedreader under Mozilla Mail for the moment, since I run moz mail 24/7 anyway :)

  2. Abhay S. Kushwaha Says:

    Not sure what you mean by issue with the links in posts. But if you mean opening the links in the browser when clicked on, I got it solved. When I click on any link, it opens the link in a new tab in my always-running Firefox window. I came across the info that Mozilla guys changed how -remote works and now the -a option also has to be added. So the command:
    firefox -a firefox -remote 'openURL(%s,new-tab)'
    works pretty well.

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