A Brief Comment on Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi seems to be maturing into a fine politician.

I started giving a little more than a passing attention to reports on him after I read a story about him putting sycophants in Congress in their place. Compared to the near militant politics that is currently prevalent in most parts of the country by young, aspiring politicians, I have found his views and style to be far more restrained, mature, and generally sensible.

The fact that he is touring India in unannounced, almost secretive trips to understand her people better and is undoubtedly a future Prime Minister only bodes well for the general masses.

What prompted me into writing this? Rahul’s answer to why Afzal’s sentence hasn’t been carried out yet. He almost manages to sound like a regular guy.

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One Response to “A Brief Comment on Rahul Gandhi”

  1. True Indian Says:

    Rahul Gandhi, along with other Gandhis, is a dynastical politician who knows two hoots about India. his recent comments on Hindu terrorism are a clear indications of the ‘fine’ politician he will mature into.

    He is garbage! we need a strong Hindu leader who can infuse some uniform civil code in the country and prevent us from un-necessary media trumpeting about pseudo-secularism like congress always imposes.. If a minority does something, it should be tolerated, if the majority religion retaliates, its non-secular.

    Down with Gandhiwaad and down with Rahul.

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