In The Lull, The Garden Blooms

I have been silent here for a while and in this meantime, there have been some major changes in my life.

The most profound one is my marriage in September to a wonderful girl from Jallandhar. I took 2 weeks off and we went south to the picturesque Lakshadweep islands where even my phone wasn’t working. Going there (we put up at Agatti) at beginning of the season turned out to be a boon in disguise. There were hardly any tourists there and we had a whale of a time doting on each other, walking along the white sand beaches, turtle watching, snorkelling, and doing about a dozen other different things.

Married life is certainly very different from the one before. What’s incredible is the psychological change that comes from within by itself, altering one’s perception of just about everything, including how one spends time… and where. And I’ll leave that at that. :)

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4 Responses to “In The Lull, The Garden Blooms”

  1. Gagan Says:

    Hie Abhay,
    Congratulations!!Good to hear that you have finaly settled in life…was just browsing through linkedin profiles and came across yours…good work on banner architect.So finally all that hardwork is paying off:-).

    Iliked the way you appericiated new change in your life i.e marriage…and wish both of you all the best in coming years.

    The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.

    Once again All the best!!

  2. Abhay S Says:

    Hello Gagan. Thanks so much for dropping by and your wishes. You’re right, Banner Architects is finally coming of age and we are unveiling a new look to the site next month. You should check it out; it’s very different from the current one. Plus, we are expanding into other areas and that should happen within the first quarter of 2008 too. So yes, the hard work is beginning to pay off but like things go, hard work never ceases if success is to last more than a fleeting moment. I hope all is well on your end. Keep in touch!

  3. Colin Says:

    Hey, I’m a bit late, but… congratulations to you and your wife! :)

  4. Abhay S Says:

    Thanks Colin!