Counterfeit Banknote

Today I got a call from one of the banks where I had deposited money that a Rs. 1,000 banknote was counterfeit and that I should come over. The note was impounded and I was simply issued a receipt that the note was a fake.

I went to the bank that had issued me the note and the account manager there said she’ll try to do something about it. I got a call later in the evening from the teller as well. From what I could tell, because I had failed to detect the note to be a fake on receiving the cash, and since it was not part of a bundle (but rather part of loose notes I had taken), there was no way of telling that the note actually came from the bank. In other words, they might not do anything about it. Ouch! I’ll know for sure tomorrow.

Do you know how to tell a note is counterfeit?

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  1. anil Says:

    It very difficult to say how to identify that a particular note is fake. Banks however use some way to detect fake note. So you may contact any bank and ask the officials of bank how to detect a fakenote.

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