Of Sleeping Souls & Opportunities Lost

A friend who is an avid biker except probably he’s the only one so excited about it in his/my group forwarded a link about going on journeys on bikes in the hope it will rouse the sense of adventure in our sleeping souls. In my meanness, polished over the years of practise, I retorted back with, “Nice reading, but I enjoy my sorry life, thank you” hoping very earnestly for an amusing retort and indirectly reminding him that the company he seeks is hard to find in the group he loves so much. But what he wrote back is more than just that and I loved the emotion of it. I replicate it here, probably at the expense of him punching me on the arm for doing so:

I am really really sorry, that I wasted your time and my energy, I forgot that only the sleeping ones can wake up not the dead ones. Your inner child, your will to live life is dead. I am sorry for you. and ya sure you enjoy your sorry life, cause this is the only thing you have “Sorry”, in few months you will get married, and then you will live happily ever after, but remember the only thing then you miss will be hanging out with us, you will not be able to go on long drives on bikes cause then there will be some one else, who will become your responsibility, you will go on long drives for sure but in a steel cage, and I thought slavery is dead and we are free. We are still slave of our sorries.We are not free cause we love to live in cages, cages of steel, cages of concrete, cages of fear.

Enjoy your sorry life!

People! Don’t let your life pass you by in the daily grind. Grab the opportunities that present themselves to you for they are rather selective of who they present themselves to and the chances of them doing it again are slim and grow slimmer by the day…

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2 Responses to “Of Sleeping Souls & Opportunities Lost”

  1. The Avid Biker Says:

    So you did it, i thought you were only messing up with me, but you did it, as i have already explained it you, i know you and its just i dont want live my life like a jerk. Cause you only get one chance to live this life. It’s better to live your today then regretting tomorrow.

  2. Abhay S Says:

    I’m not sure if you just called me a jerk or the rest of the group! 😉 I know what you meant and what you want; it was what you said that I found impressive enough that I wanted to put it up here because I live my life that way.

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