A Calvin & Hobbes Fan

I’m a Calvin & Hobbes fan. Have been for a long time. Once upon a time when I wasn’t as busy with work, I actually spent time collecting strips from the official site. Religiously. Every day. Built up quite a collection too.

Recently I came across the collector’s edition of Calvin & Hobbes: The Complete Calvin & Hobbes. This includes all the syndicated strips plus all special illustrated stories and poems that have appeared in individual books. Plus an original introduction by the man himself, Bill Watterson. There are full-colour covers and spot art pieces all over the collection too. All this in 3 hardbound books in a box.

I ordered it. Sort of a New Year’s gift to myself. Got it on January 29.

Some photos:
The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Collector's Edition Bookset (View 1) The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Collector's Edition Bookset (View 2) The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Collector's Edition Bookset - Open The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Collector's Edition Bookset - Open (View 2)

9 Responses to “A Calvin & Hobbes Fan”

  1. Sameer Jain Says:

    When can I borrow it? :-)


  2. Abhay S Says:

    You’ll have to pick it from my home. It’s rather heavy.

  3. Bharat Sharma Says:

    Please let me know where you got it from and how much it costs. Thanks !! Have you ever purchased from Amazon.com ?? If yes, pls share the experience.

  4. Abhay S Says:

    I got it within India as a special offer for customers of a particular credit card but it cost me the same as ordering on Amazon.com and paying for postage — the only difference being that I would have never ordered this book on Amazon since it’s expensive! I (my office actually) order books from Amazon monthly and our experience with Amazon has been crazy good. They are extremely professional and we recommend them to anybody who asks us.

  5. Pundarik Says:


    I am a huge C n H fan.Though I possess a part of the collection in form of different books,I am dying to buy the complete collection.If u dont mind can you share the price at which you purchased it.I heard it is pretty expensive.

  6. Abhay S Says:

    At the end of the day, it cost me just under Rs. 5,000/-

  7. Indrajit Says:

    Just checked.. at Sapna Online Book Store.
    This set costs Rupees 5,054/-. If you buy it from their retail shop it costs more!
    Am waiting for some festive discount!! 😉
    Couple of years back I bought the whole set (22 books) of Tintin (other than Alph Art, Tintin in Congo and Tintin in Soviet) for a flat 50% discount (Rs. 117.50/- per book!!) from Scholastics in Bangalore. They threw up a massive discount sale for few days and I was lucky to spot it.

  8. Indrajit Says:

    It’s a great day for me today since I finally bought the collector’s edition of C n H! A book fair on today exclusively at our office and I got the set at a 20% discount.
    Rs 5,525/- ($130 x 42.5)) and 20% discount brings it to Rs. 4,420/-. I paid him Rs. 4,400/-. Abhay, do you think it was a good deal? Am so very excited today.

  9. Urvashi Singh Says:

    WOW !!! I still remember when me n my sis wanted to read it you always used to say, “go wash your hands with soap, dry them, i’ll check, if satisfied, you’ll get it…”
    but still we got to read it :) 😀
    when it was new…very very new…..you kept it locked(i think so….don’t remember it…..if not plz don’t feel…)

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