What I Do At Work

Since I had to and am not feeling particularly modest today, I decided to write down the important bits from among all the stuff I do at work:

  • Manage a team of 15 designers for online advertising/marketing + brand development work. This is the core work that takes up bulk of my time. This includes art direction, visualisation, copy writing and all the related stuff except actual production (working in software).
  • Manage & develop accounts. These days there are two core accounts that need my active involvement, plus three that I am developing. There are 7 accounts in all where we do regular work (at least a few hours per week) and about as many other accounts that send in work on and off but get priority in the work queue when they do due to past association or future potential.
  • Supervise network, system, and office administrators for all things technical (network issues, hardware upgrade, etc.) and non-technical (management issues, procurement, etc.)
  • Provide training in non-technical fields. I generally take daily sessions of my team as part of my effort to upgrade their skills in an organised manner. These have expanded to taking sessions related to better management, self-development, etc. of other groups within office.
  • Product development. I’m involved in at least 2 internal products that are being developed. I’m running the show in one and am part of a 3-member management team in the other. There are a few other projects where I’m helping out in different capacities, mostly consultative.
  • Process Engineering. Being the guy who’s responsible for writing about 80% of processes being followed in the office, having initiated and handled the initial bit of the ISO 9002 certification drive, and the fact that despite being the largest in the office, my team is the most organised and productive, I am currently taking a fresh look at the processes and writing down a common framework around which the entire office will function. For now, I’m working on improving time tracking & reporting of everybody in the office, as well as processes for QA team. Interesting work.

There are quite a few other things that I have my finger in that also take up some time now and then. Little surprise I sleep so less. Anybody wanna hire me? 😉

2 Responses to “What I Do At Work”

  1. Sameer Jain Says:

    > Anybody wanna hire me? 😉

    Yep, I do! Let’s start talking :-)

  2. Abhay S Says:

    LOL Sameer… I already work for you! 😛 I was hoping somebody else would get interested. hehehe

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