Chandigarh Administration & IT Attitude

After a (perhaps the) local newspaper reported a faux pas on the official website of Chandigarh Administration, the Director of IT, Manjit Singh Brar said he would have the site updated immediately. The error? The map of Chandigarh posted there did not show the IT Park and the third phase of the city.

This has apparently been done since then (rather hastily I might add).

Given the fact that the Administration is pushing so hard on the IT front, the fact the official site has such an omission is more than surprising. Imagine a scenario where those in the administration who want to promote investment in IT approach a company. This company on a whim decides to check out the administration’s site for more information. There they realise that the IT aspirations of Chandigarh are myopic, that what is being preached is not being practised. A natural question that might come to mind is, “For an administration with that level of commitment to IT, how can expect support when it matters.”

Department of Information Technology Chandigarh has a better website than Chandigarh Administration. However, it does not contain a map of the city either. It provides the plan for the IT Park but does not provide its location relative to the city or its scale in relation to the city.

Even Municipal Council of Chandigarh supposedly has a website but I was unable to contact the web server.

Doesn’t quite make much sense, does it?

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