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An accidental click took me to Kartooner’s blog, and specifically to his latest post about family history.

I have a family tree at home that traces all descendants from about a dozen generations ago. When I saw it for the first time, I told my father I didn’t believe we would have that many directly related relatives that we know about. He smiled and traced back a few generations, fondly remembering his distant uncles and fore-fathers and what they were famous for. Then he told me a surprising fact about our recorded family history.

This family tree was drawn by my distant cousin who got all the information from a group of people who track family lineages and record them. It is their job. They come from a village in Rajasthan, returning to our village every 25 years or so and noting down all the new births, etc. All my cousin had to do was track them down, go through their books and note down the information he wanted. My family’s tree can be traced back quite a few hundred years actually.

In my last trip to my village in Uttar Pradesh a few months ago, my Tau Ji (uncle) took me visiting all our ancestral havelis (mansions, houses… call them what you will). And in one he pointed downward and said, “This is where our family started in this village”. We belong to Alwar in Rajasthan and had settled down in Uttar Pradesh about 300 odd years ago. Most of the Rajputs from that belt are there because of that ‘requested’ migration.

Like Kartooner pointed out, it’s truly an amazing feeling knowing where one has come from, who the ancestors were and what they did, if they were famous about anything and if so for what. I know my history and am proud of it. I’m glad there were people who documented it. I’m glad the stories have been passed down the ages.

Many are not this lucky.

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  1. manu Says:

    hello amit,
    i feel pity on you for your lack of knowledge. your words show your foolishness and frustations becoz kushwahas count in large numbers in govt. services. isse kya badal jayega ki hum maurya ke vanshaj hain ya nahn. rahi baat chandragupt ki to jara kautilya ko padho. wo chandragupt ko kis parivar se le kar gaya tha. Kya Yadav aaj bhi wahi yadav nahin hai jo krishna ke time the. humme apne ego ko door rakhte hue doosre ki jaati aur parampara ka samman karna chahiye.Bhagwan tumhare man ke andar andhkar ko mitakar tumhe sadbhudhi pradan kare…..

  2. Ashwin Atlesh Ram Says:

    Dear Abhayji and Others
    My case is very different from all of the discussions so far. Firstly I was born in Fiji Islands and now living in New Zealand.I have been told by my late father and grandfather that I belong to Murao caste which grows vegetables. My ancestors were brought mostly from UP and Bihar by British in 1850’s to work in South Pacific island under indentured system. Finally am I a Kushwaha Rajput as well or have other ancestory. Please help……

  3. Saurabh Kushwaha Says:

    Dear Mr. Amit,
    I feel for you because you are very confuse about kushwaha & kshatriya. You should go throught Kautilya & Wikipedia after that i hope so You will be come out from this confusion and You will be get right answer ” Kushwaha & Kshatriya both are same”.
    And Mr. Amit it is just for your kind information GEN/OBC/SC/ST is the polytical views.

    After the commitment of SAMRAT ASHOKA about quiet from War kushwaha adopt the AGRICULTURE otherwise before agriculture they were great “YODHDHA”

  4. aprajita Says:

    Hi all first of all we all are human. Does not matter what if you believe in christianity then there were only two Adam and eve and we all are their children. If you believe in hiduism then we all are related to one or another God or Saints. If you believe in Aryan theory then you have to accept we were devided on base of our ability to work. There were only four groups Brahmin(head), Chatriya(chest and shoulders) Baniya or vash(stomach) and Chudra(below waist.

    I have heard Kushwaha are Kurmi to correct all they were allowed to hold land and sardar ballav Bhai Patel was kurmi. If you see Bihar and U.P population then you would note that there are many rich Kurmis are and they do donate and run many Dharam shalas known as Patel Dharam Shala. They also have been able to marry their dougters into rajput family with help of big dowry.

    I don’t see any problem marrying any caste to others caste in the end we all are human and learn to love each other and live with harmony. We should believe in globalisation.

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