New Computer

I have a new HP computer (dx6120 MT) at office. I got it on Friday night and spent the next 3 holidays I had (Saturday-Monday) doing the data transfers and setting it up. The RAM was still the default 256MB till a few hours ago. With the new video card (I installed a XFX NVIDIA 6200 TC) and the RAM upgrade and some other hardware transfers from the previous mean machine, the specs now look thus:

Intel P4 3Ghz (HT), 1GB Samsung DDR2, 200GB HDD (80GB SATA, 120GB IDE), XFX NVIDIA 6200 TC (128MB onboard, supporting 256MB), SoundMAX onboard audio, Sony DVDR/CDRW Combo Drive, Creative Vista Webcam, Widcomm Bluetooth Adapter, 17″ CRT monitor, TVC Gold 104-key keyboard, HP optical mouse, Labtec Axis-301 headset, Sennheiser HD 212Pro.

Not bad for an office machine, huh? 😉

The only change to the above configuration is that I’ll put putting in another monitor (I think I’ll only get a 15″ monitor though) to the setup for a dual-display workdesk (the first in the office I might add).

The TVC Gold keyboard is the best in the world and there is no keyboard built (at least none that I know of) that I would exchange it for. Incidently, this and the combo drive are the only ‘white’ hardware left in my corner (everything else is black/silver).

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