Long, Pointed Kitchen Knives Should Be Banned

I have to admit that I was laughing out loud while reading the report in The New York Times that points to the editorial essay in British Medical Journal calling for what it termed knife reform.

The essay points out how long, pointed kitchen knives are being used to, can you believe it, stab people to death! Oh the horror! And the solution is very easy: get rid of the tip.

While people like Peter Hamm of Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in the US feel envious of England for having such problems since

In America, we can’t even come to an agreement that guns are dangerous and we should make them safer.

on the other side of the pond, The Register takes a shot at the report by looking forward to…

…proposals for the rubber housebrick (a common bludgeoning weapon), the papier mache baseball bat (ditto) and the soft plastic claw hammer (ditto).

Meanwhile, I wonder if there will be a follow-up essay in the BMJ calling for dull knives next, since a sharp edge can be used for slashing… 😉

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