Upgrade Time

I have been putting off doing some upgrades to my system here at office for some time now. I guess now is the time to go ahead and do them:

  • RAM
    I had 512Mb RAM a few weeks ago (266Mhz) but I saw that WinXP was using 500+ Mb of page file all the time and a lot of write activity was slowing down my work. So, I got myself another 512Mb. (Aside: Earlier there were two 256Mb DIMMs and now there are two 512Mb DIMMs). Only, while doing the transfer, some dust transferred into one of the slots. That’s not good and made my system super unstable. That slot needs cleaning and once RAM is installed, some non-critical work to be done to test the system stability. Oh well, 2 weeks is a long time to wait to do that. So here it comes.
  • Sylpheed-Claws
    My MUA, Sylpheed-Claws has reached v1.0.0! There’s even an interim release v1.0.9.1 (development) out. I am still running 0.9.13cvs23. So a lot of bug-fixes and enhancements awaiting ahoy! :) I thought about doing this in-between many times but I’ve not had that much time to myself past few days when I would want to do this.
  • Gaim
    I have completely shifted to Gaim for all my IM needs. I don’t voice and I don’t webcam—the only two things missing (for now) in Gaim. They have released the next version 1.1.2 with some changes. Apparently a major re-write is in progress in some component since I keep coming across loose mentions to that effect (Note to self: Pay more attention to Gaim!).

Okay, time to get all that done and tested. Hopefully, I’ll be able to clean the RAM slot and the system will continue to run stable. As of writing this, my system has been running for 2 weeks 1 day 10 hours and 35 minutes without having to reboot. This is by far the longest in 2 years that I have had this mean machine. 😉

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