BPO in News

My friends at UCIL got interviewed and published on Sunday in Hindustan Times.

I’ve been associated with them for over 4 years now. My first decent job (and the second in total) was at the cybercafe UCIL’s CEO Anuj and his elder brother Amit had started way back in ’99. We were the first cybercafe in Chandigarh on a leased line and had a really well-lighted 2500+ sq. ft. area with 27 computers. That is how I got to know them and became friends. Working with them then and each single interaction with them since has been a wonderful experience; never have I come back not having learnt something new.

When they opened UCIL after closing down LOGIN (that’s the name of the cybercafe), I knew they would go places. They have just ended up surprising even the expectant by their incredible fast pace of growth. And the future is only brighter.

Wish you all the best guys! :)

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