Firefox is *NOT* Recommended?

Adam Kalsey is a well respected developer in the community. So when he wrote a blog post "Why I don’t recommend Firefox", people sat up and noticed what he was talking about. So did I.

Adam makes a strong comment and justfiably so that Firefox is not ready for mass consumption yet. Those ‘average’ users who shift over are hand-held by somebody who’s more ‘in the know’. He points to the website and tries to give an idea of how an ‘average’ user would react to the copy of the home page. Very well written and very right too.

However, I also noticed that he has written this post in response to Asa Dotzler’s email asking him to put a Firefox link on his blog. He says, “I think the browser has some way to go before I’d recommend it to the general population.” But from the general feel, I got the idea that most people who visit his blog would be developers, and the home page is targeted towards that segment. I think Mozilla Foundation is targeting the developer community so that they have a reasonable technical base that can help out people in their local sphere of influence since there is no paid of free dedicated support system. But then, after the recent IE issues, I don’t think there would be many developers out there who don’t know about and don’t have Firefox installed on their computers… A link is not going to make any difference to them, is it?

Hmm… what a fine web. :)

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