Duts: First PocketPC virus

The Register is reporting the existence of Duts, the first PocketPC virus.

Remember the European virus writer collective 29A Labs I talked about while talking of Cabir earlier today? The same group has created Duts.

Just like Cabir, Duts is a proof-of-concept and exists only in the laboratory, not in the wild. Similarly, the virus was mailed directly to the anti-virus firms.

Duts is a traditional parasitic virus but it’s hardly much of a threat because the virus asks for permission before spreading to other files. Once an infected file is launched, it displays the following dialogue box: “Dear User, am I allowed to spread?” If the user clicks yes, Duts infects executable files located in My Device (root directory) of a PocketPC. Duts does not appear to have any destructive payload.

In theory, Duts can reach mobile devices by email or the Internet, through removable memory, by synchronization with a PC or through Bluetooth. The virus is also capable of infecting mobile phones running ARM-based version of PocketPC.

Viruslist has put up the details on Duts including a screenshot of the prompt mentioned above.


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