Open Source Paradigm Shift – Tim O’Reilly

Progress is evolution–of thought, processes, pinciples, social order, etc.–but major and significant changes are sudden and swift, labelled paradigm shifts. The evolution of IT industry is no different; in parts incremental and dotted with a few paradigmatic shifts . Tim describes how the software industry should take a look in the past when a paradigm shift happened to the hardware industry and take a lesson from it for now a similar shift is happening here, brought on by the Open Source movement.

I came across Tim’s articulation on the paradigm shift in Open Source on Karan’s blog day before yesterday and read it today. Tim builds his case like a lawyer, slowly and meticulously–making the reader think and those who’ve been involed in the industry for some time would probably go, “Ahhh. Didn’t think of that in that way!” when he cites examples and analyses them.

A thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking article for anybody involved in software/internet industry.

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