Pakistan & India – Enemies Forever?

Somebody speaks the truth aloud. Dr Farooq Hassan, the only lawyer to have served as advisor to four Prime Ministers of Pakistan and a leading jurist says:

A military government can never solve the problems with India, including Kashmir. Because if they do it, the reason of their existence disappears. Pakistan has the fifth or sixth largest army in the world and it is not there to fight either Iran, China or Russia.

I don’t see a merger of Pakistan back into India possible anymore though I still would like to think that us people can do it if we build up enough momentum. Military or political decimation of any other type of the smaller country is an impossibility of course.

Enemies forever? :-(

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One Response to “Pakistan & India – Enemies Forever?”

  1. Dan Hurley, Atty at Law, Boston Says:

    Dr. Farooq Hassan is an international person in the sense of Rawls. He is most learned, objective and far sighted. His comments in this piece reflect true wisdom. It is a pity that instead of having someone him lead Paksitan we have nothing better to offer in the US except butress unpopular military juntas and likes of Musharraf who has taken more oaths of office than Henery VIII infamous eight wifes!

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