Clawing Sylphites

Thanks to Ricardo for giving me the inspiration for this post’s title.

There are now, to my knowledge, 4 active blogs from Sylpheed-Claws developers:

Of the two more known to me, Alfons seems to have shut down his blog and looks like Thorsten has a girlfriend again. 😉

A whole lot more SC user blogs are going to come to fore when Planet Sylpheed opens up. They seem to be working on finalising the transfer of the domain to the project (it was very graciouisly donated to the project and is a very good example akin to being donated to Mozilla Foundation).

This also means that the default “Links” category on the side-bar has been replaced by a new “Sylpheed-Claws” category with pertinent links.

4 Responses to “Clawing Sylphites”

  1. Colin Says:

    I didn’t knew Thorsten had a blog. It is strange that he closed it entirely…

  2. Woody Says:

    I got the URL off Alfons blog once upon a time. Since he did the Win32 builds, I went there for a few weeks regularly before the visits slowly stopped. I thought I’d check it out and link it here but turns out he’s purged it. 😛

  3. Carsten Says:

    On the new domain of alfons and the other hoogervorsts ( there’s just an announcement, that they’ll be back soon–but it’s from the end of April.

    Actually I’m waiting a bit impatiently… 😉

  4. Woody Says:

    He wrote in a recent message to the mailing list that he’s super busy but he comments on some blogs somewhat regularly. I think Ricardo was wondering if he’s working on his C# version of SC… and knowing Alfons (or lack thereof), I can safely say that with that guy, anything’s possible. :)

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