Link Dumps – Individual Vs Regular Consolidated Lists

Going through my blog today, I noticed many of my posts are nothing but individual link dumps—suggesting a link blog. It’s not one and will never be.

Individual link posts are useless. They get lost in the clutter. Nobody remembers the posts, and the title/description used could be witty enough to be something that has nothing to do with the link content. They are hard to locate once they scroll off the main page. I see no reason to continue with this style compared to regular consolidated lists. The title is the same and you can easily search for all posts and in most cases, find the link quickly enough through a quick scan. They don’t clutter up your main blog and dilute it’s essence. Needless to say, both have their pros and cons but the above is said from my perspective in reference to my blog and I want to change the current style.

Thinking about it, I immediately remembered Alex’s Around The Web posts. Around The Web is probably just a collection of the miscellaneous things he must come across during the week that he thinks are interesting enough to share with us, the readers. Or, it could be something else. I never checked with him, so don’t know for sure. Irrespective, I have looked forward to these posts because I usually find some good links every week.

That is what I want to do—have regular link dump posts (not weekly like him because I simply won’t be able to do it that regularly initially). Knowing myself, I’ll probably have a comment or two for a few as well.

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