Name Modified

I have changed the title of my blog from mere “Musings” to “Musings – Abhay S. Kushwaha”.

This question will naturally follow. The reasoning is simple. There are thousands of blogs out there in the wild. I chose Musings as the name simply because it was what I intended this blog to be. However, as I explored the blogging world, I came across many other blogs that were named just that. My blog isn’t famous – yet. Today, I think not more than a handful people visit it regularly. But mere Musings doesn’t mean anything more to the general visitor. I needed to identify through the title who the blog belonged to. Musings, alright; but whose? needed to be answered.

The Process
The why had been rearing up its head every now and then in my thoughts. If you consider, there are but two options available: change the name completely to something really unique, or change the name slightly by adding something that will identify it with me. The former would have made sense if I was a name but I’m just another pack member. The only individuality I have is my full name. So the logical thing to do is to simply associate the current name with my name, and thus identify myself with the blog and the blog with me. This, I reasoned, would also not jar those who visit me regularly (thus ‘Musings – Abhay S. Kushwaha’ and not ‘Abhay S. Kushwaha – Musings’ too).

Now the name/blog should be slightly easier to spot in the lists of your favourite aggregator.

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