Email Quota Increases!

Gmail started it all by announcing 1000MB storage for free.

Lycos soon followed suit. Recently Yahoo! Mail increased its quota from 4MB to 6MB (depending on where you are and when you signed up) to a across-the-board 100MB account for free and 2GB for the premium service Mail Plus.

Now, the Indian company Rediff has increased the mailbox quota from 5MB to 1GB. Their 1GB = 1024MB. That’s 24 MB more than Gmail for the free service. They also increased their attachment limit from 1MB to 10MB in footsteps of Gmail.

As more and more companies shift over to higher mail quotas, I am left to wonder what made them choose such comparitively attrocious limits as 5MB or 6MB when all it takes to have them increase their limits by 20 to up to 200 times is a mere threat of a new service that will offer 1000MB for free. Hotmail is still at 2MB though. Apparently they aren’t really encouraging their mail service.

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  2. Karanbir Singh Says:

    Hotmail is also moving to increase storage capacity – Omar Shahine, one of the lead Longhorn guys is moving to head up the new development team at – Read about it on his blog.

    Also the Washington post has a piece about this They say hotmail is going to 25MB.

  3. Dr. Gagan Says:

    Hmm… I heard aventuremail was going into terabytes! Sheesh.. think it was a rumor. Its 100MB for now. I had to sign up to realise it.
    I would be happier with a 5-10 MB mailbox at Yahoo (instead of 100MB/2 GB) provided there was free pop access!!! The age of free pop access has gone, probably yet to come again!

    Dr. G.

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